25412_101827689858674_6519255_nMeet Dave McGuire

Husband. Father. Friend

Dave’s Journey into real estate began when he was forced out of a job in Retail Management in 2003. Finding another job in Retail Management proved difficult at the time so Dave turned to something he was more passionate about.  Real Estate Finance.

He worked as a Loan Officer for 5 years and eventually specialized in helping distressed homeowners keep their homes through refinance. With the mortgage industry turned upside down in 2007-2008, Dave was able to take the knowledge he had gained in working with banks and real estate agents and formed a successful short sale negotiation company called Northwest Debt Management and contributes to the short sale related website www.shortsalelaws.net

Short Sales

Over the past 7+ years, Dave has been able to help hundreds of homeowners and other real estate agents in short sale transactions.  Many agents turn to him when they are faced with selling a home on a short sale and he is even certified to train other agents about successful ways to complete these difficult transactions. He has spent countless hours attending seminars, webinars and has even partnered with the US Treasury to ensure that he is well prepared to handle the complexities of these transactions. This ensures that the buyer, seller and all agents involved experience a smooth transaction.

Family First

Dave’s wife and children are his life.  They are the filter that all decisions are run through. Their happiness and well being are the center of all his efforts. You will find him at every football game, every swimming meet, and every business function in which his family is attending. And thats just the way it is.

Side Projects

ClackamasTouchdownClub.com – Dave volunteers with the local High School Football Team to help run and update their website.

CodependencyQuiz.com – Dave and his good friend and business partner Paul have created a website that helps people discover if they have a relational style that is causing pain in their lives and relationships.

Real Estate Agent Podcast – This is an exciting new podcast that is currently in production aimed at helping Real Estate Agents become more successful by improving how they market themselves to others.